About Me



The beginnings of Contour Aerials happened one day at a city park in 2015 after bringing an idea to life. I’d just purchased a hefty kite capable of serious lift, a GoPro hero 4 session, and a small 3-axis gimbal. Combine a little twine, glue, dowel rods, a few Youtube videos and some random articles, I had my first aerial camera.

One year later I found my self transitioning jobs and looking into the world of Land Surveying. I’d just left a 4 year career in the Oil and Gas industry and was looking for something new. Land Surveying seemed like an interesting field. Oddly enough, only a few weeks in, I was tasked with helping a coworker use a “drone” to go “map” a hillside at a ski area. Up until then, I thought drones were more of a toy than a tool…

When I was introduced to a world with buzz words like orthomosaic imagery, photogrammetry, ground sampling distance, native vegetation density index, lidar, point clouds, 3D mesh, aperture, focus peaking, shutter speed, focal length, etc. I was hooked.

I acquired my commercial drone operator license March 3, 2017. That summer I started offering “aerial services” on a part time basis. In November of 2017 I dove in full time with the goal of building Contour Aerials into a legitimate and viable business providing valuable services to customers. I’ve spent countless hours researching UAV rules and regulations and have over 70 flight hours logged. I take pride in following the rules and regulations set by the FAA, other federal agencies, and industry best practices.

Many people don’t understand these requirements or the rules and regulations associated with “commercial drone” operations (Any furtherance of business is how the FAA defines commercial drone use) and don’t hesitate to hire the cheapest option in town or “their friend with a drone”.

If you hire an unlicensed operator, you can be fined by FAA and liable for that drone crashing and any associated property damage or personal injury. You’d also be liable if an operator enters restricted airspace without a waiver, and/or operates at night with out proper authorization.

I’m an incorporated LLC, a federally registered contractor, a state of Wyoming sales tax vendor, insurance holder, Jackson Hole and Idaho Falls airspace authorization waiver holder, night time operations waiver holder, and holder of multiple town business licenses.

If you think drone applications can help your business, I’d love to talk with you.

Email me at contouraerials@gmail.com